Four Reasons Respite Care Is Important When You're A Caregiver

15 July 2019
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If you are the primary caregiver for a family member or best friend, you probably feel a great responsibility towards that person and a need to fulfill their needs all day, every day. However, no matter how much you would like to, you can't do everything yourself. At the very least, you should hire a respite care service to take care of your loved one from time to time. Here are a few reasons why working with such an organization is important.

You need to take care of yourself first.

So often, the caregiver spends to much time focusing on their "patient" that they forget to take care of themselves. But if you let your own health go, you won't be able to care for your loved one effectively, either. A respite care service can take care of your loved one for one day a week or even for a couple of afternoons per week, and you can use that time to care for yourself. Go to the gym, cook yourself some healthy meals to reheat later in the week, get a massage, or meditate to clear your mind — whatever you need to do in order to keep yourself at your best, these breaks will allow you to get some of it done.

Mental breaks are good for you.

Caregiving can be overwhelming. Rather than wait until you are fed up, you can have a respite caretaker relieve you from time to time so that you don't become overwhelmed. When you have time to regroup and readjust your mindset from time to time, you'll do a better job of emotionally connecting with your loved one and staying tuned in to their needs.

Other family members and friends would like to see you.

Maintaining relationships is really important. You would not be the first person to agree to care for a loved one for a couple of years only to let all of your friendships and relationships go during that period of time and emerge from the caregiving situation to find that you no longer have anyone to connect with. A respite caregiver can grant you that time to get coffee with friends, chat with an old friend on the phone, or attend an important family function. You won't feel so isolated when you can do these things.

Your loved one can benefit from interaction with others.

The patient you are caring for probably does not get a chance to interact with people other than you very often. When you have a respite care service come in, your loved one gets this interaction. This will leave them more socially fulfilled, which may make them more agreeable and easier for you to care for as well. Contact a company that offers respite services near you in order to learn more about how these services may help you.