5 Enrichment Activities For Seniors Receiving Home Health Care

14 December 2016
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If you are a caretaker of an elderly person, you may want to help with more than home health care devoted to his or her physical needs. Home health care for seniors should be all-inclusive and involve activities that will enrich the individual's quality of life. In addition to providing personal assistance for everyday needs, why not provide some fulfilling activities that stimulate the mind and help boost self-confidence at the same time? Here are 5 enrichment activities for the senior at home:

1. Help Enrich the Elderly Individual's Golden Years With Music

Music not only soothes the soul, it can be a fantastic creative outlet as well. Encourage the patient to listen to music regularly. Set aside an hour each day devoted to listening to feel-good music. It's a good way for the individual to reminisce about the past and conjure up positive memories and nostalgia. These memories helps keep the brain sharp, particularly in dementia patients.

You might want to incorporate a quiz or game into the music listening sessions. For instance, play "Name that Tune," where the senior has to guess the title of a song you play. Or how about having him or her try to match the song with the artist? Maybe play a song from a movie soundtrack and have the person try to guess the movie. It's a fun, stimulating and rewarding activity for both the patient and caregiver.

2. Unleash Creativity Through Adult Coloring

The individual need not be an artist to enjoy some hands-on creative fun. The latest trend these days is adult coloring. If he or she can use their hands freely, adult coloring can be relaxing and stress-relieving, while unleashing their creativity at the same time.

All that's needed is some adult coloring books and markers, colored pencils, or gel pens. Adult coloring books include images that are intricate and complex or a bit more simplistic, so options exist. For more choices, go online and print out some free coloring pages. You'll find images in various categories to choose from, such as landscapes, animals and nature, mandalas, holiday themes, and more.  

3. Reading Is Fundamental for the Homebound Senior

Another relaxing and mind-expanding activity for the homebound senior is reading. The senior receiving at-home care may feel more independent if he or she can learn something new, and books can expand their horizons. If those bulky and heavy hardbound books too cumbersome for the person to handle, there is a practical solution. Encourage him or her to purchase a digital e-reader. The e-reader device is lightweight and portable and can store countless books. Simply purchase a book over the Internet, download it onto the device, and read. In addition, there are many classic titles that are free to download. The latest e-readers feature built-in light for reading in the dark, and adjustable text size. It's a great choice for seniors receiving home care.

4. Create a Low-Maintenance Windowsill Garden

There's no need for the elderly to forgo his or her love for gardening when advancing in years. Perhaps planting a traditional outdoor garden is too demanding for the elderly individual who depends on home care. The individual can still enjoy his or her love for nature by planting a windowsill garden or sorts.

Grow herbs, flowers and plants that require little room to grow and minimal care. He or she can use decorative small vases or canning jars for the cuttings, or using a small a terrarium is a good choice. Purchasing a windowsill garden kit is another idea.

5. Pet Therapy: Bring a Pet Home to Visit

Is the senior a pet lover? If caring for a pet full-time is too demanding for the homebound person, pet visits can be a good solution. As part of their home health care, consider a visiting pet program.

Studies show that pets can help improve health for their human counterparts, including lowering blood pressure. In-home pet visits from organizations that provide this service, include visiting dogs, cats, birds, small mammals and more. The staff will even scoop litter box messes and change water bowls. Many of these organizations charge a monthly fee, or a one-time visit may be possible, so inquire within.