Engage Seniors With Dementia In Arts And Crafts

22 August 2018
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It is estimated that around 5. 2 million seniors have some type of dementia in this country; dementia takes a toll on cognition, which makes it difficult to engage these individuals in meaningful activities. Many caregivers find that patients are able to focus and enjoy basic arts and crafts; it provides an outlet for anxiety and a tactile task to focus attention on. If you provide senior care for someone with dementia, consider these three projects to engage and entertain: Read More 

Did Your Loved One Experience A Diabetes-Related Complication? 3 Tips To Help Them Manage Their Health

17 March 2018
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During the senior years, your loved one's risk for developing diabetes-related complications increases. While this is partly due to the changes that occur in a senior's physiological processes, you should also be aware the other issues such as cognitive challenges may have contributed to your loved one's new health diagnosis. While it may be frightening to hear that your loved one's diabetes has led to a problem such as nerve damage or a stroke, you can use these tips to help them get their blood sugar levels under control. Read More